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Eternal HGH Super Booster

Eternal HGH Booster is a Liposome spray of actual recombinant HGH. The only active ingredient is 2100ng of HGH per spray with a total of 12600ng per ml. Eternal HGH booster is designed for Eternal HGH users who desire a greater and faster increase in IGF-1 levels. While we believe it works best in combination with Eternal HGH, Eternal HGH Booster works good on its own.

Price: $59.00

Special Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Why our Eternalhgh Super Booster and not


One of the seven million other hgh spray products on the market?  

A good question that requires explaining about the different kind of sprays that are available and an explanation of some of the unclear marketing information being provided on the web.

There are two kinds of oral sprays on the market those that have ‘real hgh’ in them and those that do not.

  The products that do not have ‘real hgh’ in them are nutritional products that are precursors or stimulators of hgh release.  We have talked to thousands of people about different forms of hgh and have never heard good things about these releaser sprays from someone who was not selling them.  We have heard good things about many of the non-spray releaser/precursor products including our own Eternal hgh.

  Next comes the sprays with ‘real hgh’ in them.  There are two kinds of ‘real hgh’, homeopathic and dietary supplements.  We are using quotes around ‘real hgh’ because it is not real hgh.  Real hgh only exists in the human body.  All of the ‘real hgh’ contain synthetically manufactured recombinat human growth hormone.  Sometimes it is referred to as somatropin or some other real scientific or fake scientific name created for marketing purposes.


  Homeopathic medicine is fascinating and we have talked to many people who have used homeopathic remedies for many different ailments and gotten good results.  However saying that a homeopathic product has ‘real hgh’ in it is a very misleading statement because the more powerful the homeopathic product the less ‘real hgh’ it contains with the most powerful products being diluted to the point of not having any ‘real hgh’ left in the solution.

Now some homeopathic products proudly market themselves as being homeopathic but unfortunately many products claim to have ‘real hgh’ in them but are not straight forward about disclosing that they are homeopathic. One way to tell if a product is homeopathic is by looking at the ingredients.  That is if the product actually bothers to list the ingredients.

  Homeopathic ingredients are listed with the with the name of the ingredient followed by a number and the letters M,C, or X.  Such as HGH 3X, HGH 30X, or HGH 10C.  M and high number C’s are available by prescription only. Another clue that a product is homeopathic is that the word sussed as in hand sussed or machine sussed is used somewhere in the description.

The actual amount of ‘real hgh’ in these products is difficult to say.  Here is a rough approximation of the amount of ‘real hgh’ in the different homeopathic potencies. A 3X would have about 40 ng per spray or 240 ng per ml.   A 30X would contain about 4 ng per spray or 24 ng per ml.  Finally a 10C might have some molecules of hgh left in the bottle but remember that according to homeopathic principles the 10C a more potent homeopathic than the 30X or 3X.

The funniest thing we have seen in marketing homeopathic products is the hgh spray that made a big deal out of being mint flavored.  Well, mint cancels out the effect of homeopathics.  This is important to remember because if you are addicted to those tasty little peppermints that are so popular today you need to stop taking them when using homeopathic products.  Also avoid the caffeine.

Supplement Sprays with ‘real hgh’

Supplement sprays with ‘real hgh’ are much more straight forward because if they are properly labeled they tell you exactly how much hgh they contain.  You will either be told how many ng are in each spray or in each ml.  You can then make a pretty direct comparison based on actual ingredient content and price.  Beware of any ‘real hgh’ product that is not straight forward about listing the ingredients or explaining whether the amount of ‘real hgh’ they contain is per spray or per ml.

Why Eternalhgh Super Booster?

We really thought the paragraph at the top of the page explained this perfectly.  You get 2100 ng per spray equal to 12600 ng per ml at  $59.00 for a 175 spray bottle.

We have the same basic delivery system as everybody else.  The truth is that there are piles of different patents for similar but slightly different forms of this delivery system and they are all effective.  We are just to lazy to think up some fancy technical sounding name and to honest claim that it is proprietary.


All of that being said we will give you another chance to order. 

Price: $59.00



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