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Our Eternalhgh Gold Herbal blend is a combination of 17 herbs balanced to supply phytosterol support to all the glands of your endocrine system. The blend is primarily composed of from the Native American Tradition of the Southern Shawnee and Cherokee Indians.  Our herbalist has modified this with a few herbs from traditional Chinese Medicine based on his 20+ years of clinical experience with patients dealing with degenerative problems associated with aging. 

Our friends or we harvested most of the herbs with respect for the earth.  These herbs then go through an extensive multiple maceration process that creates a full spectrum colloidal extraction.  This is potent stuff.  The recommended dosage is 3 to 17 drops.

Who should take Eternalhgh Gold Herbal Blend?


We recommend Eternalhgh Gold Herbal Blend for anyone over the age the age of 35.  Eternalhgh gold Herbal Blend has been designed to have a stimulating and balancing effect for both men and women.


How should I take Eternalhgh Herbal Blend?


We recommend that you take between 3 and 17 drops per day.  The best way to take it is in 4 to 8 ounces of hot water as an herbal tea.  If you desire you may drop it directly under the tongue but be warned that it has a very strong earthy taste with a strong alcohol kick.  When drinking it as a tea, we feel it is fine to mix it with any other tea you choose to enjoy.


I take Eternalhgh Capsules or Eternalhgh Booster do I need Eternalhgh Gold Herbal Blend?


It is not a question of need.  The question is ‘Will it help me achieve my goals?’


Our Eternalhgh Capsules already contain some of the Eternalhgh Gold Herbal Blend and many people find this stimulating enough that they do not take the full six capsules per day.  However if you want more of a hormonally stimulating effect then taking a little bit of the Eternalhgh Herbal Blend will help you.


Our Eternalhgh Booster contains 2100ng of hgh per spray.  Eternalhgh Booster contains no herbs.  Taking Eternalhgh Gold Herbal Blend will definitely increase your health benefits.


We of course believe that your best course of action is to take all three and play with the dosages of each until you find the combination that you most enjoy.


Can I take Eternalhgh Gold Herbal Blend with other Hgh products?


We see no problem with that in fact we encourage it.  We believe that Eternalhgh Gold Herbal Blend will enhance your experience with any hgh therapy on the market.


If you choose to use a stimulator or secretagogue other than our Eternalhgh Capsules, we believe that Eternalhgh Gold Herbal Blend will accelerate the benefits you receive.


If you choose to use an oral spray other than our Eternalhgh Booster which supplies 2100ng of hgh per spray we believe Eternalhgh Herbal Blend will heighten the level of development.


If you are taking hgh injections we believe that Eternalhgh Gold Herbal Blend supplies important plant based nutrients that are important nutritional building blocks for all the anti-aging hormones.  Just check with your doctor first.


What is in Eternalhgh Gold Herbal Blend?


Eternalhgh Herbal Blend contains a potent mixture of:


Western Spikenard Root, Sarsaparilla Root, Wild Yam Root, Teasel Root, Saw Palmetto Berry, Dong Quai Root, False Solomon’s Seal Root, Siberian Ginseng Root, American Ginseng Root, Korean Ginseng Root, Damiana Herb, Fennel Seed, Tribulus Seed, Irish Moss, Western Peony Root, Licorice Root, Dodder Seed.  There is also purified water and grain alcohol.


Oh, this works because you are using xxx?


Logic should make it evident that there is no large amount of any one herb in 3 to 17 drops of Eternalhgh Gold Herbal Blend.  The benefits that you receive are from the synergy of how the different extractions are balanced to compliment each other.


If 3 to 17 drops is good, what if I take a couple droppers full? 

This is not drugs we are talking about they are herbs.  Larger doses probably would not hurt you. Lower dose therapy over a more extended period of time leads to greater long term results than large amounts over a short period of time.


Larger dosages can also lead to too rapid a stimulation of your hormonal system.  Probably not at a physically harmful level but we find many people need time to make the emotional adjustment to higher hormonal levels.  We always recommend that you start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase the dosage that you take.