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The all natural vegetarian anti-aging human growth hormone supplement

HGH What Is IT?

HGH stands for human growth hormone. HGH is produced by the pituitary gland. Our Pituitary Produces hgh all our lives but releases less as we grow older. It is Growth Hormone that builds the cells, muscles, bones and organs of children. Falling levels after the age of thirty are believed to be a significant factor in the aging process.

Why Stimulate HGH Release?

First read the page on Reported Benefits of increased level of HGH, second read Would you Enjoy Felling Young and Vibrant Again in the Testimonials section and then ask yourself the question, "Is there anything here that I would like to make real for me? If the answer is yes, you want to stimulate your HGH release.

How Do I Stimulate HGH Release?

There are three main ways of stimulating HGH release:

  • Injections of synthetic HGH - An effective but expensive approach that can cost as much as $1,000 per month. Generally recommended for people whose level test very low. (ETERNAL HGH is compatible with injectables.)


  • Homeopathic - The theory here is that by intaking minute amounts (measured in nanograms, billionths of a gram) of synthetic HGH the body is stimulated to release more of its own HGH. Results are mixed. Some people swear by them others say they don't work. (ETERNAL HGH is compatible with homeopathics)


  • Nutritional precursors - Can further be broken down into stacked amino acids, glandular extracts (from cattle & pigs) and dopamine stimulating herbs with most of the more popular products using all three at once. (ETERNAL HGH is a nutritional and much more!)           

How is Eternal HGH Different


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We believe there is more to anti-aging than just HGH release. Just increasing HGH is like putting premium gasoline into and engine with old oil and dirty spark plugs. ETERNAL HGH is a holistic nutritional supplement that stimulates the body's own natural release of HGH while also feeding and detoxifying the body, scavenging free radicals, balancing the entire endocrine system, and improving the efficiency of the cellular energy system in both the brain and body. ETERNAL HGH contains no animal products of any kind.

ETERNAL HGH's multifaceted approach begins with a short stack of amino acids designed to stimulate HGH production and provide the basic building blocks for cellular repair. The second facet is the use of a special cool milled chlorella that is up to twice as effective as leading brands. Chlorella is an amazing blue green superfood that's full description would sound as puffed up as a TV infomercial but has 1000's of pages of scientific research to back it up. The third facet is an antioxidant blend lead by NADH (CoEnzyme 1). Purchased separately the amount of NADH we use would cost almost as much as a bottle of ETERNAL HGH . The fourth facet is a cellular energy blend again lead by NADH this time in its role as an essential player in the Krebs cycle. The fifth facet would be our ETERNAL GOLD HERBAL BLEND.

Our ETERNAL GOLD HERBAL BLEND is a combination of 17 herbs balanced to supply support to all glands. the blend is primarily composed of herbs from the Native American Tradition of the Southern Shawnee and Cherokee Indians. Our herbalist has modified this with a few herbs from traditional Chinese Medicine based on his 20+ years of clinical experience with patients dealing with degenerative problems associated with aging.

Most of the herbs were harvested by us or our friends with respect for the earth. These herbs then go through an extensive multiple maceration process that creates a full spectrum collodial extraction. This extraction goes through a special low temperature dehydration process to create a highly potent powder for encapsulation. We use just enough of the herbs to gently stimulate the endocrine system into balance.


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Eternal HGH Booster is a Liposome spray of actual recombinant HGH. The only active ingredient is 2100ng of HGH per spray with a total of 12600ng per ml.

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